Billy Kaunda Set For Hills and Valleys Book, Hymns Album Launch

 Billy Kaunda Set For Hills and Valleys Book, Hymns Album Launch

Billy Kaunda, Performing at this year’s Sand Music Festival

By Staff Writer

It’s not just any studio work…this is Billy Kaunda’s 13th Studio album, produced by one of Malawi’s best producers and singers, Lulu. The album launch comes with a special additional package: Hills and Valleys Book launch.

The book author, Wonderful Mkhutche said ‘Hills & Valleys’ was derived from the fact that the book is “telling the life story of Billy Kaunda from the perspective that it has been an up and down journey.”

“Our team is working around the clock in order to give a befitting launch of these two extraordinary masterpieces, we can comfortably say that we are now set for the launch,” Mkhutche said.

Hills and Valleys by Billy Kaunda
The wait is Over!

Musician and Legislator’s Hymns collection went on the market mid last year. Carrying 13 pieces, the veteran singer also released a music video for the song, ‘Ndikonda Mulungu’.

Mkhutche said the 2020 album is on Hymns that are sung in most Churches. Therefore, it is a way of preaching the gospel, which Billy Kaunda has always done through his music. He has used music to preach on forgiveness or hard work. This is ministry and the hymns album is yet another work towards this.

After a long break, the multi-award winning artist is expected to give a spirited performance this Friday at Bingu International Convention Center (BICC) in Lilongwe.

“I have held shows before, but this is special in all aspect, and am set” Kaunda told

Faith Mussa is one of the artists that are expected to perform at this double launch.

Faith Mussa
Faith Mussa: Expected to Perform