“Music Gives My Life a Meaning” Chisomo Chikwapula

 “Music Gives My Life a Meaning” Chisomo Chikwapula

Chisomo Chikwapula

By: Staff Writer

Malawi Music outlook for the year 2021 reflects lively as the gospel music arena is to welcome an up and coming female RnB gospel singer Chisomo Chirambo Chikwapula.

Personal Life:
Born on 8th August 1992 in the family of five children, the singer is based in Chinamwali, Zomba. Married to Harry Chikwapula together they have two girls Uchindami and Nyengoyake.

Chisomo is a holder of bachelor’s Degree in education obtained from African Bible College in 2013 and now she is a secondary school teacher at Naming’azi Community Day Secondary schoolpresently, she is in her second year of Masters Degree in Sociology of education at Chancellor College.

Speaking in an interview with zambuye.com, Chisomo disclosed to have made commitment to pursue gospel music path from a tender age having sung in the family Choir initiated by her father.

“My father had a passion for music, so we sang in the family choir, (Chikondi choir). My dad has been the Choir master till now. From there my passion for music started growing. When my father sent my baby sister and I to a boarding school at Katete Girls primary, we formed a duate and could sing during the assembly time and at Church. My love for singing grew more and more at Secondary school and College” – She explained.

“To be honest, music makes me feel more confident. It comes naturally. Music gives my life a meaning.”
The singer explained that her passion to minister through music developed after accepting Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior in 2002.

“When I received Jesus to be my Lord and my savior in 2002, my hunger to minister sprung up. Every day, I feel like, I need to do more. Being a gospel musician has helped me to always be conscious of how I live every day, that I be a light wherever I go. As the Bible says “am the light of the world”….. As a gospel singer am like a light on top of the hill and that everyone is watching what I do. I know I may not be perfect but I always want people to see God in me.”

However the artist was quick to mention that for an up and coming singer in the industry it is difficult to penetrate effectively due to financial instability and lack of support.

So far the singer is stocking singles including Nthawi, Woyela, Mwa ineyo, and Ndidziwa which she is about to release in February pending an album currently at an advanced stage of production, produced by Tricky Beats.

“This year my dream is to put myself on the map and let God glorify himself through me. More of God and less of me.”