“If Any Man Be in Christ, He is a New Creature” – Thats Rapper Gwamba’s Life Testimony

 “If Any Man Be in Christ, He is a New Creature” – Thats Rapper Gwamba’s Life Testimony

By Staff Writer,

Scores of souls have been moved by Gwamba’s testimony which the award winning Gospel Rapper has made, narrating his Christian journey from his early conversion days to his present day.

A throwback post on his official Facebook page, the rapper is seen on his knees, passionately holding a bottle of liquor as if his whole life depended on it.

“This picture taken on 12 December, 2012, At that time I was studying at Malawi Adventist university in Ntcheu”, says Gwamba.

Old Gwamba: Old things are passed away

In his testimony, The rapper said: “On this day, I remember vividly that I had lost my purpose in this life. I was depressed, nothing was moving, so alcohol and drugs were my source of comfort. The bottle was my escape from reality….A year later, I dropped out of school”

But his story got transformed in 2016.

“On January 1st, 2016, I found a new purpose in life. I knew God…In 2017, I went back to school and in 2018, I got my degree with a credit. My process has been gradual, such that I was still drinking even after I found God. However, thanks to my surrounding, I have now been alcohol and drugs free for 2 years.”

Gwamba, New Creature basking in God’s glory

With hundreds of people commenting, one Nafe Banda said: “…that’s amazing,glory be to God,someone out there wanted this inspiring testimony, when God calls you all we need is to respond and follow him, and it’s a gradual process indeed, thanks for sharing.”

Azerle M Mendulo said: “Amen, Powerful testimony. There’s a lot of us who have been rescued from worse situations by the grace of God and God is still alive, on the throne, continuing and will continue with this precious salvation to many people until the end of the times”

The testimony comes just after the release of his latest single, Get there, a song he has collaborated with the US based Malawian singer, Maskal.

Premiered on 28th June, the song’s music video already has over 32,000 views on his official Youtube account, and thousands of downloads on zambuye.com plus other numerous streaming and downloading sites.

Gwamba Feat Maskal – Get There