Black Flame Responds to Mikozi Network

 Black Flame Responds to Mikozi Network

By Harold Kapindu

Christian Hip Hop artist Black Flame Masinga has responded to social media claims making rounds that Malawi currently has been hit with a shortage of gospel rappers.

Black Flame’s comments follow a Mikozi Network Facebook post which listed Suffix, Gwamba, Waxy Kay, David Kalilani among others as the only active gospel rappers in the country.

Weighing in his views, Black Flame expressed dismay after noting that himself and other names did not make the list.

“I woke up to a post of Hip Hop Gospel artists list done by Mikozi Network and my name not on the list. I realized I’ve been forgotten but how could they forget big names like Nthambi and Kelvin Before Gumbi?

“These are artists that I found when I joined the Gospel movement and they were leading by then, I understand things changed now, we have some new cats in the game but that doesn’t justify why these big names are not mentioned,” he said.

He continued, “Does that really mean that Mikozi doesn’t know us or they just don’t appreciate our Music? That’s a question anybody can answer on his or her on.”

He then announced a new track titled “Thanthwe” produced by Twinbeats.

“This has awaken the real Black Flame Masinga in me to challenge Mikozi. In case you have forgot my style! I will hit the studio and cook up a song with immediate effect and let you be the Judge Pa Mikozi Page,” he said.

“Thanthwe” is scheduled to drop on 30 August.